HGVF637 Vein Finder for All Age


easy on off switch & optimum design for vein access
Thz light advance tech.
3 intensity modes for visualization on different skin tones
800mah long lasting rechargeable battery
tourniquet belt loop & belt for hands free experience and good occlusion



HGVF637 is a simple user-friendly vein visualization device for vein access, (IV access ) useful for anesthetics, Nurse ,blood-collation center , for diabetic who needs to inject insulin in veins directly, pathology etc . HGVF637 have THZ light which have no side effect and not harmful. HG wellness have manufactured this product for easy vein access and to make sure doctor nurses and healthcare professionals can access vein in one go , and avoid multiple punchers. HGVF637 is universal device As it works for all ages ,gender. the special tourniquet belt gives hands free experience & provide good occlusion while the design of the unit keeps vein from rolling. have rechargeable battery long lasting battery back up and universal mirco USB charging,


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