HG Wellness Vein Finder HGVF637 for All Age


HG Wellness Vein Finder HGVF637 UNIT is hand-held battery operated illumination device for visualizing veins of superficial blood vessels. accurate design stretch the skin along with the belt the combination makes sure that it is easy needle insertion and stops vein from rolling during access. it uses specific frequency & wavelength of light for better penetration in to skin thus find out veins. the HG vein finder do not have any harmful radiation. so it is safe for all age of patient. This device is designed for finding superficial veins , it is just a augmentative device for vein access .designed for healthcare professional. 12 month warranty & Made in india, please read and follow user manual . your kind feedback is precious to us.for any Questions please feel free to communicate with us. County of origin :INDIA



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