HG wellness Vein Finder Eco

$300.00 $198.00

  • Easy to use vein finder Augmentative device by HG wellness
  • long life battery back-up built in battery. universal charging USB
  • separate on off switch & 3 intensity modes
  • Charging indication LED .
  • tourniquet belt window , for hands-free use.


HG wellness is glad to announce that after great support from Healthcare professionals , doctors , pathlabs and nurses we are continuing the limited edition HGVF eco to HGVF ECO gold with Best economy price & export quality & exclusive packaging . The HGwellness Vein finder ECO is augmentative device for easy IV access phlebotomy. by following simple instructions given in user manual a healthcare professional can access vein easily & accurately. unit comes with universal charging cable micro USB. charging indication , & good battery backup . long life lithium ion battery . & tourniquet belt windows for hands free use . HG wellness brand name brings trust it self , ISO & CE certified . Made in india .

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 400 cm


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